What I Loved/Liked From Colette Dinnigan's Fall R-T-W Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right

1. Like this dress. I love the lace sleeves and like the lace on the neckline, peeking out on to the skin.
2. LOOOVE THE PANTS!!! Love the looseness around the hips, upper thighs and  love how it's fit on the legs and ankles. ♥♥♥♥!  Love the top too. 

3. Like the skirt. Like the ruffles. ♥♥♥♥
4. The top is whoa, and interesting, I looove the back view of this top though. I can't say I like it, or dislike it.

Left to Right

5. Like this dress. It reminds me of old western times, right? *Anyone agree?* 
6. I loove this dress, I think its fun, love the crystals on the dress. :)
7. Like the top only.
8. I love this dress. I think it's cute, I love the top section, like the thickness of the black lace(?) and also looove the bottom half. I loove the grey color and the pleats. I think it's a interesting dress. :) ♥♥♥

Left to Right

9. Like this dress. I love the lace sleeves and on the neckline and like the sparkles on the dress.
10. Like this asymmetric dress.

Overall, I thought this collection was okay, there weren't much wow reactions coming from me, when I looked at each outfit/dress. I mainly liked some of the pieces/dresses, as you saw. :) This was my first time hearing and seeing this designers work, sooo yea, so new to me. :)
And one more thing, YIKES @ THE 2 MODELS THAT ALMOST FELL!! EEKKK! How embarrassing O.o 

**What did you guys think of this collection**

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