My Friday Outfit + The Ipad :D

2:35 PM

Family stopped at Wal-mart to pick up something before heading to aunts place,
so twin pointed out the pay phones for a cool background setting, and we took this pic. 
At aunts apartment building.

Outside the apartment, but still within the apartment building.

Very roomy, lol.

Love this rock! Goes with my chain ring, a possible future idea :D I took that rock with me, lol.
Oh, by the way, I tried to do the half moon nail design, and it was a lil hard to do, didn't come out so even the half moons on each nail. :/ First time making it, hopefully next time it will come out BETTER! :D

Found this rock, and I looked at it, and was like...IT'S ALMOST A HEART SHAPED ROCK!!

I also took this rock with me LOL. I'm going to shape it up into a heart, and maybe make a necklace out of it? idk yet. :)

Long sleeve shirt-Merona
Short Sleeve Cowl Shirt-American Rag
Dress- Some asian store, near the Grove
2 Chain Ring-I made it.

Taken with my cell :D

On Friday my family and I went to go visit my aunt and her family, and this is what I wore. I put this outfit together the day I went, and the day before (Thursday) I did my nails black and white, and I had no idea, I would wear a black and white outfit on Friday, lol. While waiting for dinner at my aunts apartment, my twin and I decided to go and take pics outside, but within the apartment building, it was fun :D. Later after dinner, my cousin, twin and I took a walk to the mall (they live right next to the mall :D lol), we went to H&M, and OHHH GOD, DO I MISS SHOPPING!!! LOL! I haven't shopped at alll this yr!!! I was looking everywhere, I loooved most of the sweaters, pullovers, knit loose tank tops, and a reallly nice vintagey dress with pleats, lace and a bit of ruffles, soooo CUUUUTE!!! I did a really stupid thing, I FORGOT MY BAG @ MY AUNTS APARTMENT!!! :((( So I didn't buy anything, and plus, I was soo angry that I forgot my bag, because my twins camera was in THE BAG!!! And we wanted to take window shopping pics and what not for the blog, to show you guys,  ughhhhhhhhh....wtg Eliza -.-. But I know why I totally forgot my bag at my aunts apartment, it's because I had a stomach ache after dinner, that I was really distracted from the pain. >.< NEXT TIME THOUGH!! lol. :D After H&M we were just walking around, and then my cousin wanted to check out the apple store to look at the new ipads, and OMGODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!  I GOT TO HOLD THE IPAD!!! LOL I WAS HAVING SOOO MUCH FUUUN!!! MY FINGERS WERE IN DISNEYLAND LOL!!! This was my first time being an a Apple store, and holding the ipad, sooo while exploring it, I went on safari annnnnd....first site I wanted to check out was.....MY BLOG!!! LOL :D WOW, IT WAS SOO COOL TO SEE MY BLOG ON THE IPAD 2!! ♥! My fav app, is the sketchpad,  was fun doodling with my cousin :D I also had LOOADS OF FUN PLAYING A GAME ON THERE!!! OMGOD I WANT  THE IPAD!! I mean I always wanted the ipad since it came out, but oh BOY! It's NEEDED!! It's perfect, because instead of taking my sketchpad around with me, I could just take the ipad, and just doodle/sketch ideas on it, instead of waisting paper, yeah, I'm just thinking green here... :D lol. So, since the camera wasn't with us, I took some pics with my cell, as you saw. :) My cousin, twin and I stayed at the apple store LONGER THAN H&M!! LOL! It beat out shopping!!! lol. And next time I go to the mall, twin and I are just gonna stay at the apple store, with the ipads in our hands. :D I love fashion, and shopping, but the's the greatest invention to me, and I REALLLY FUCKING WANT IT! I WANT IT MORE THAN CLOOOTHES!!! LOL 

**All pics taken by my twin**

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