My Future Outfit Illustration

7:29 PM

A quick drawing I did the other day, of me wearing clothes that's in my closet, that I mentally put together, lol.
I have a lot of clothing pieces in my closet, that I never really wear so much, or like never, soooo I thought, I should make outfits for those ignored clothing pieces, lol. And this is one of the first illustrations of my.....challenge...I :D The outfit was based on the short sleeve light brown jacket from UO that my twin got a long time ago, and I think we wore it once? So, I thought, spring is here, and I thought of pairing up the jacket with a sleeveless ruched v-neck floral top, and my denim skinnies, with my twins Zara lace ups, and adding a red skinny belt over the jacket. :) 

Drawn with a H pencil, 
Inked with a Filt Tip Marker,
Colored with Prisma color pencils & Prisma markers

I have more drawings coming sooon, and I'm HAPPPY TO SAY, I FINALLLLY CAME UP WITH A LOGO FOR OUR BLOG, AND CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS!!!! :D W0000t!!

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