Disneyland Part 3

7:16 PM

Took these videos with my digi cam. My mom wanted to ride, It's A Small World, lol, it's her fav ride, and wanted the family to be together while riding It's a small world. :)

After the ride, the Disney Parade started, so I took some vids of my fav disney movies, Peter PanThe Little Mermaid, and Mary Poppins. :)

Looove the little mermaid. Loove her tail


SOOO GOOOD! Love their energy :D

I took this pic, when I came off of Splash Mountain, to show you guys HOW SOAKED I GOT! LOL
I got a free shower, LOL.

Took these pics from the ride, Haunted Mansion.
This was the last ride Anna & I went on with our parents.

Taking pics of myself while on the ride of Haunted Mansion. :P lol

Told Anna, to take a pic of me, to show you guys how soaked I got. 
Front & back of my top and shorts were soaked. 

 My mom loooved this shirt, so I took a pic of the shirt for her.
I love it as well, nice idea of all the cute lil bows on the neck line
And OMGOD! LOL, I JUST NOTICED EEYORE @ the bottom right hand corner of the shirt! lol

Prancing around!  :D

Shall we twirl?  :P

The wet area on my behind was from Splash Mountain ...not to mistaken it for urine lol

Bye Bye Disneyland, maybe well see you next yr! :D

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