Disnyland Part 2

11:31 PM

My mom took this pic with my digi cam, wish it was close up. :/
We're doing the LA sign :)


Loook sooo goood, I love how they decorated the window display with such yuuummy sweets!

I'm not a star wars fan, but, THAT BACKPACK JUST ROCKS! LOL :D 

Took these vids with my digi cam while waiting in line for Splash Mountain, sorry for the way its videoed.

Took this pic of the duckies, while waiting for our parents to bring the food.
It was so hott, that I wish I was the DUCKS! LOL The water looks soo nice and cooling.

 We loove the balloons with the Micky Mouse balloon inside the clear balloon.
I wanted one, lol.

More pics to come in the next couple of posts! :)

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