Fashion's Night Out @ Rodeo Drive

5:38 AM

It's dark chocolate with marshmallow cream fillings inside.
It was alright, loved the marshmallow cream part, though, I wish I bought the
coconut cupcake, since I NEVER get to eat coconut these days, and any day I can eat chocolate.
Lesson learned...I should STOP sticking to CHOCOLATE. lol

Kind of trippy, lol.

I whoa'd at those sparkling high boots, pretty nice.


We looooved her outfit! That fringed layered skirt is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I want one like that :D

Sorry for the shakiness of the video. I had to take a video of her, thought she was beautiful and loooved what she was wearing! :D 

We loved this dress, very cute and pretty. :)

I forgot which store this was.
But we loved the dress

We looved the window displays!

Lanvin, was holding down a dance competition, because of their Ad's, and Anna and I came late to the store or the dance competition, but it seemed fun and cool. lol.

You got to ride the Ferris Wheel, if you bought something.
The wheel went so slow, like not even worth it. LOL

How cute!
Loooove the idea of the LV Window displays!

 I loooved what the mannequins were wearing, and I loved that they were displayed on the stairs :D


Prada, a mannequin under the floor, very cool!

Love the bags @ Prada, I didn't get a chance to step inside the store!!! 

I had an alright time, all I can say is that Fashion's Night Out @ Rodeo Drive is for rich people, lol.
All I could afford was a $4 Sprinkles Cupcake, which was alright. All the pics you see of the stores, we went into except for Dior, it was for VIP people. My FAAAV store was def. VALENTINO!!! OMGOD YOU GUYS...I LOOOVED EVERYTHING THERE! They had a dj, playing nice tunes, servants giving out mini hamburgers, that were sooo cuuute, 2 artists drawing people in a cartoony way and a whole bunch of body guards standing in like every corner of the Valentino store. O.o I couldn't take pics of the store, because, no cameras were allowed. But, I did, get to TOUCH....every clothing item that was in store! :D lol. I  loooved the t-shirt couture shirts, verry cute and feminine. They mainly were light pinky/peach with pretty delicate lace on the shirts. Anna & I loooved the leather jackets, it was really creative, it had leather ruffles(?) on the jacket. We just loved how the jackets were designed, the idea aspect of the design of the leather jackets, so beautiful! :D  I was reallly in love with one of the leather jackets, that I was sad to leave it. :/  There were a loot of sheer tops and Anna and I loooved a few sheer blouses. Oh my....the fabric of the sheer is verry soft, really light weight and just QUALITY!!! LOL. If I was filthy rich, I'd buy Valentino Sheer blouses  I also looooved the Valentino handbags, really beautiful!!! One had a big bow in the front, and it came in light pink and black, I looved the light pink more, because the bow shows more. :D I dared not too touch the sunglasses, because, I'm a clumsy person lol, and plus the guards were looking, which made looking around, feel uncomfortable. :/

I don't know what more to say, except that, I still have a lot more pics and videos from FNO @ Rodeo, and will make a Part 2 and if I need to Part 3.

By the way.....any blogger girls go to FNO @ Rodeo Drive?   Just wondering. :)
I will def. be there next yr, and I will be more dressed up & find my way to the FASHION SHOW!  :)
Yeah....we missed the fashion show, but...I don't know, I felt like I saw a fashion show around me, well more like a STREET FASHION SHOW, lol. Majority of the people were DRESSED UP! It was realllly nice and I loooved it!

P.S.- I'd like to say a THANK YOU for all the people that commented on my last post, it meant a loot to me, and when I get the time, I'll comment back to you all! :D 
Also, I'm back in college, and I'm really busy with school...trying to be a good student, and it's no fun :(( 
I have a loot of stuff to post and show you guys, sooo, I hope I can find time, and do some posts. :)

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