Street Style @ Fashion's Night Out

2:08 PM

I loooved her outfit, it was really cute!

I loooved her AWESOME WEDGES!! 

Loved their style! 
Thank you ladies for letting me take a pic of your outfits. :)

 Loved the woman's outfit in the green shorts.
Looove her bag!

Anna & I looved her heels. :D
She was snobby though. -.-

 The model on the left, is sooo pretty! 

I quickly took this picture, while walking.

Just very cool, I loved that he wore a striped sleeveless shirt under his vest, instead of a plain white shirt. :)
Oh, and he also had  awesome hair, lol.


I liked the model's dress.

Sorry for the crappy camming. :/

I tried to do street style @ FNO, but it was really hard, because, some people were snobby, but dressed well -.-,  or they were too busy shopping and mingling with other people. So it was hard for me to go up to people  and ask them for an outfit pic. :/ There were A LOT of  people who were dressed for the night, and I just decided, welll....if I can't go up to them and ask for an outfit pic, I'll take a pic of them from a far, and while they are unaware, lol :D. I have to say, it was pretty fun to take pics of people when they were unaware, but at the same time, I felt kind of weird, for not asking for permission. 

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