Escape (My Poem)

3:21 AM

I dozed off,
And it felt damn good,
To get lost in the stars,
Up high into the sky,
Floating in your mind,
So lucid,
So light
Fellin' free,
Lost in your own state of mind,
Suddenly being awaken,
By dreams that are too close to reality,
Awakeness comes,
And sadness returns,
Being stuck in the reality that you just tried to escape.

I wrote this poem few hours ago, after waking up from falling asleep while trying to study for my exam tomorrow, or um...I should say laaater today.  And after I woke up, I was just, blah, and tired, and didn't didn't feel like studying, and suddenly, those 3 sentences came to my mind, 
I dozed off,
And it felt damn good,
To get lost in the stars"
 I really liked how it flowed together, so I grabbed my pen, and wrote away, and created this lil poem. :)

Just wanted to share. :)

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