H&M Dragon Tattoo Collab Collection of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

11:18 PM

Love this jacket, love that the body is denim and the sleeves are I think leather...well another fabric. 
Just different and cool. :)

The second I laid my eyes on this outfit, I EASILY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!
I looove the leather jacket, so damn cool!! Love the details on the shoulders and the upper sleeves
And the skinnys look awesome, and I LOOOVE THE MODEL'S FACE!! I think she has a interesting look.

I love the skirt

Love the hoodie and the worn out look to it. :)
I also love this model's face, very cool and edgy, love her hair cut as well. 

Love the leggings, and love the models face and hair do.

Photos from H&M.com

I'm honestly more excited about this collection than Versace's collection for H&M. lol, I can't help it, I'm a sucker for dark clothing. :D  I hope I can have a chance to see this collection. :)

*Questions: What do you guys think of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collab collection?
Any fav items?
Anyone plan on getting anything from the collection?


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