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10:49 PM

I got these from the Kit Kraft store, & I plan on making rings with them, I already got a few ideas :D

Anna got this one from the Kit Kraft store

This uhmmm....I'd like to think this is a crystal rock, because I want one SOO BAD lol, & this is also from the Kit Kraft store. This big chunk came in a little baggy with another little um crystal rock, and it was for 99 cents, and I HAD TO GET IT!! I def. want MORE!! I can have endless fun with them and I can start to make my own rings/necklaces with them! :D Yayyyyy!! lol.
I loove the center part, soo pretty

This is the little crystal rock that also came in the little baggy :)
Soooo prettty! I loove the sparkles :)

Got all our supplies @ the Kit Kraft store last Friday.

Got them all at Michaels on Monday, they had a huge sale, which is still going on until the end of December, so I HAD to stock up!! :D

The dark blue is, 5059 Blue Granite
I had to get it, because it comes with GLITTER!! :D

Fimo- Glitter Red
I'm going to make a bunch of red glittery hearts with this. :D

 Anna got this, it's Metallic Powder

 We FINALLLY got Sculpey GLAZE!

 Premo! Sculpey - 5065 Gray Granite
I love this, because, it looks like stone :)

 Premo! Sculpey - 5057 Frost White Glitter
I looove this one so much, it's soo glittery!

 Fimo - Noctilucent
Anna found this one, I can't believe I missed it! lol
Glow in the dark  FTW!! :D

 Premo! Sculpey - 5527 White Translucent
I got 2 of these, because I'm a big fan of anything translucent! :D

 Premo! Sculpey - 5523 Candy Pink

Nothing makes me more happy than getting art/crafty supplies and getting fabrics. I mean sure I love fashion,  shopping and to get new clothes, supplies and fabrics...anything I can create with my hands, ALWAYS MAKES ME TRULY HAPPY! NOTHING CAN BEAT IT! :D

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