Outfit Post Of My New BLANK Skinnys

11:50 PM

LOL, this pic is funny :D
I was trying to do those poses, where the models are running, ya know? lol, but I couldn't stop laughing, lol.
So I guess, if I had a poker face, the pic, would not look so funny, right? lol
Anyways, that brown streak in my hair is my feather extension that I got from the Thread show. :)

I LOOOVE the purple sky!!
Sooo beautiful! I want purple skies, everydaay! :D

Here are my new jeans in action ;) lol.

I quickly put this outfit together, and I wasnt going out anywhere special, I just wanted to play quick dress up with my new skinny jeans, I JUST COULDN'T WAIT TO WEAR THEM! :D

So I quickly, put this outfit together, though, I don't feel the outfit is complete, I feel like something is missing once again, like a medium length locket necklace, and a different top. I was thinking, a white turtle neck, buuuut....my mom put my turtle neck in the washer....-.-!!!!  So I just wore a white tank, and wanted to wear a knitted sweater in grey or like a oatmeal color. So I went shopping in my mom's closet lol ;), and decided to go with possibly the best cardi my mom has! :D  I looove this cardi, I've worn it a couple times in the past, and it's just so beautiful, and really keeps you warm!! :D
And I'm sooo GLAD, that Anna bought these Zara oxfords, because, these oxfords SAVE our outfit looks!! LOL THANK YOU ANNA!!! <3

There ya goo...another story behind my outfit. :)

What I'm Wearing:
Tank - Sincerely
Cardi - My mom's. Tuely Vintage <3
Skinny's - BLANK- Super Rise skinny 
Oxfords - Zara
Bag - My Mom's (She had that bag since the 70's :D how cool <3)
Rings - Forever 21

Oh btw, I'm not wearing any make up, except a little black eyeliner and lip gloss by Rimmel, Volume Booster in 010 DARE. It gets a lot of useage :D lol.

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