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10:21 PM

Hello everyone, Happy December 1st!!

Can't believe how fast the yr has gone by O.o, anyways, school is almost over, and I'm anticipating what I'll be doing over my winter break, :D, I can't waiit! Though, I realized I gave myself  A LOOOOOT of art projects to do, sooo...I don't know if I can do all of them. I have a few drawings to do for some blogger girls, which I'll do first, then I'm going to focus on my personal art projects, which I can't wait to start on :D, and then I'd like to get back to knitting, and make a few bags of my own ideas. If any of my bags come out good, I might sell them :) I'll def. let you guys know, also, I'd like to put more of my designs on t-shirts, and once I'll make them, I'll def. show you guys!  

So, I will be busy once my vacation starts, and I really want to stay away from the pc, and to focus my time on all the art stuff I want to do, and to just learn new skills and what not. I really do care for this blog, and I love it, buuuut.....I love my artistic talent more, and I want to go somewhere with it. So what I'm saying is that, I'm going to spend more time on my artistic talent, and less time blogging and being on the net. But I WILL keep you guys updated on what I have been doing/outfit posts/what ever I want to share with you guys. :)


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