Thread Show 2011 & Ringing in 2012! ♥

11:59 PM

At this point i was just messing with color sorry for the redundancy of the images.

I apologize for my very late publishing of what i purchased from the Thread Show in Downtown, LA.  :S  I was stressed and busy with my art classes.

H-A-P-P-Y   N-E-W   Y-E-A-R!!!  

Top - Rojas Boutique
Necklace - Love Tatum
Bronze Ring - Tebi Jewels

*i LOVE strange/creepy/unique rings*  soooooo glad i quickly spotted this bizarre and creepy looking bronze face ring -- I LOVE it sooo much!!

*As for the top, It's such a versatile piece!  Ohhhh and it's utterly soft as well!  :D
- Anna

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