My Christmas Nails :)

11:45 PM

 I did my nails earlier on this week, and it was my first time doing a snowman, and I'M REALLY HAPPY OF HOW IT TURNED OUT! LOL. But was a bitch to draw the snowman head and middle of the body. It was fun doing the scarf and eveyrthing else :D I LOOOVE MY LIL SNOWMAN, HE'S SOO CUTE!! :D ♥ 

I then tried to make a xmas tree, and it came out fucky :/,  sooo right now, I'm re-doing my nails, and will show you guys like I guess tomorrow and the middle nail, has outlined falling snow :)
Close up :)

I'd like to thank, Stina's DIY Christmas Nails post, for getting me in the mood to make my own Christmas Nails! :D

I leave you guys, with this cute Christmas song, have a listen! :)

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