First Day School Outfit

10:47 PM

What I'm Wearing:
Tunic - Mossimo (Trifted)
Tank Top - Sincerely (Got it waaaaay back, it's old, but STILL DAMN GOOD!)
Jeans - Jolt (Macys)
Flip Flops- Target (They're old, I got them waaaay back)
Bracelet - LUXLA - Indian Leather Hex Nut Bracelet (I won this last summer from a blog giveaway :D)
Bag - American Rag - Payless
LUXLA, Indian Leather Hex Nut Bracelet

Started my new uni on Monday 8-27, & this is what I wore. I actually wanted to wear a colored plaid checkered top, but I'M GLAD I DIDN'T WEAR IT, BECAUSE IT WAS WAY TOO HOTTT! And this tunic is white, sooo the heat didn't kill my body ;) lol. 
I took all these pics at my uni, with self timer, and it was frustrating, because I had to put my camera on top of things at school and take outfit pics. It was annoying too, because students would pass by, & I had to wait for the coast to be clear, lol to take my outfit pics. lol

Btw, I can't believe it's ALREADY SEPT. 1st! :O I thought today was August 31st! :(


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