Ipod Touch + InstaRUN Pics of the Week!

9:59 PM

Yes, I got something off of my Summer Lust List post......the IPOD TOUCH 8gb in WHITE! YAYYY!
I wanted the ipod touch since June and finallllly got it on my BIRTHDAY 8.24, perfect present! :D
I wanted to get the itouch for only ONE THING.........INSTAGRAAAM!!!! :D LOL And that was the first app I got, when I got my ipod touch. :D 
Seeing a lot of bloggers having it and taking cool fun pictures, I reallly wanted it and wanted to join in on the fun! :D
Now, I finally have it, and so far, I am having fun with it! :D

So here are the insta pics I took this past week. :)
Birthday cake ;)

A illustration I'm doing for Kristina from Beancakes :)

Took this at uni, while waiting for my evening art class to start.
It was a hott day & I was laying on the grass, & I started taking pics of the sky & palm trees. :)

My LUXLA Indian Leather Hex Nut Bracelet

:) ♥ this pic


My new school bag, had to get a new one, this was soo last minute and unplanned on buying it.
At first I was like, meh, cheap leather, but I guess it's fine for school.
My famous H&M black bag that you guys always see on this blog is dying :( the leather is coming off, soo sad, I really am sad about it, :( I love that bag, it was my first bag I ever got.
So yeah, I'm taking a break from my H&M bag, can't carry it out as often, don't want to give it a quicker death, lol. But yeah, surprisingly this bag, has GROWN ON ME and I now love it! :D

Took this @ uni, while waiting for my evening art class to start, no filters was used to capture this insta pic. :)

My first assignment for my print making class, there's a funny story behind this.
When I get the time, I'll post about it & tell the story behind the sketch. :D

Go to your nearest COSTCO & get this, soo fuckin good! LOL :D
It's chocolate truffle  :)

Anna eating a drumstick ice cream, peace. :D

Backyard pic, no filters used. :D
I love the sun rays

This too doesn't have filters, I naturally took it. :)

No filters used again.

Backyard pic, I used a filter for this pic :)

Had a Blowpop lollipop earlier today in Blue Razzberry :D
So yum 

Chocolate fudge ice cream, had this several hours ago
So good! :D

If you guys want to follow me on Instagram, my username is runwithfashion.
I'd link it to you guys, but right now I'm having problems accessing my account on my pc, it's really frustrating >.< I don't know what to do. :(
Ok, so I googled my username handle for instagram, but it's followgram? O.o I'm confused -.-
So I guess, just follow me on followgram. :)


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