UPDATE! Where Have I Been?!

11:47 PM

I have been bussssy lol, but I'm alive...some how lol.
I've been super busy with my school, my art classes, so yeah, haven't had a chance to blog :((
But anyways, I just wanted to make an update about what's goin on with me, and even though I'm busy with my art classes, i'm enjoying one of them, my media art class, it's mandatory for all students to take, and yeah I will be learning adobe ILLUSTRATOR  & PHOTOSHOP! Sooo excited!  I'm already learning illustrator, and oh boy, it can be frustrating to use >.< sooo much to remember, but it just takes practice right? and then I'll get the rules and what not down, once I work with it a lot. :D 
I'm reallly happpy I'm learning illustrator, because, I feel that's the closest I'll get to fashion at least for now! I've been wanting to learn it, because I noticed while looking at fashion internships over summer, most internships require knowledge of illustrator, and that's something I'm lacking, and I want to learn so I can try and get a internship in the near future or just something! :D 

So here, all my work I did so far for my Media art class, all done in illustrator cs6 (I got the demo, and damn, wish I can afford buying it :/ ), it's soo nice, love the dark layout opposed to the white layout or interface of the older versions.

Anyways, for the 1st hw assignment, my teacher wanted us to only use the pen tool and to draw 4 different kinds of transportation of any kind. And I choose the easiest kinds of transportation, lol.

1. Smart Car! There was another girl who did a smart car as well, but she colored hers, I had no time to color mines. :/
2. A unicycle! LOL. There was also another girl who did the unicycle, lol, so that felt great lol, that we were thinking alike as in terms of easy :D

3. A dope ass electric bike that's made out of bamboo, sooo niiice!
By the time I was making this, I started to get the hang of using the pen tool, I mean like really understanding how to use the pen tool. :)

4. Bug car! :D

Our 2nd HW assignment was to trace animals from pictures.
She wanted us to pic 3 animals of the same group but you know different kinds. I picked fishes, because I love the underwater life :)

This is a Mandarian Fish
This took me like around 2 and half hrs to complete on early friday, I quickly did it, couldnt be picky, cuz I wanted to go to sleep lol. Um I think it's messy, I'm not really loving it, not so clean. :/ 

This is some sort of Angel fish, this was actually the first fish I attempted and damn.......I got soo picky about the details, I spent MANY HRS FINISHING THIS FISH!  Too long, that my shoulder, arm and wrist was hurting. :(  A lot of hard work, while working on this, I thought to myself, at this point I rather be painting, at least it's not that frustrating :P 

And, I'm not sure the name of this fish, I call it the Trippy fish, because, on the tail it looks like the fishes eye, really cool and trippy! :D

So yeah, that's what I have been up too, busy with my art classes, and I can't wait to do my next media art class HW assignment, it has to do with fashion! :D So, I can't wait to show you guys when I'm done and get the time to post it! :D

Until then, I'll cya guys next time, I don't know when that is :(
But I will get back to everyone's comments on my past 2 posts, thanks guys for your comments and newest followers!


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