Simple Outfit Look For School

12:00 PM

I need black leather suspenders on top of my button down top :D 

What I was wearing:
Top - Ashley International (Ross)
Jeans - Jolt (Macy's)
Bracelet - LUXLA (I won it last summer from Inspirafashion's giveaway :D)
Flip Flops - Target (They're old)
Sorry for the blurry pic! :(((


Another simple lookin outfit for school, it was another hottt day and a long one at that! I went through 3 water bottles that day! LOL That's probs the most water I drank this yr. O.o lol

Anyways on to the outfit, I cuffed my skinnys to give it more style, and I wanted to have like a 'farm boy' feel goin on with the checkered plaid button down, & wore my LUXLA bracelet, I love how the brown leather goes nicely with the red in my top. :) All I now need for this outfit is........BLACK LEATHER SUSPENDERS!!
I was just thinking, I neeever saw someone wear suspenders with flip flops in a outfit, I think it's a cool look. I know majority of fashion people are against flip flops, but I could careless, I love them. :P 

By the way, all pics were taken by self timer, & I had to find things at my uni that were close to level to my height, to put my camera on & it was frustrating. :(  Sooo...that's why there aren't that many good pics. -.- 


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