September Music Playlist of the Month

11:45 PM

Icona Pop -I LOVE IT!
I found of this song, thanks to Songza app, few weeks ago while doing my painting, and the second I heard of the song, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT AND WAS LIKE WHOOOAA THIS IS AWESOME!!
I just looove how youthful this song makes me feel, it's really energetic and FUN!! I loove the lyrics as well! "You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's bitch!" LOL I LOOOVE IT!!


Another good song from Icona Pop,

Another fun good song. :)

Seriously, the minute I heard this song, I fell in love with it. I actually heard this song in a mixtape podcast on soundcloud, and I was like, OH MY GOD, WHO IS THIS BAND?! I quickly went off searching for the band, and REPLAYED IT FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT! Also, the next day, I played it non-stop too. LOL. :D  I just loooove his voice, I love the way he says "fuck with my money"! :D lol It's soo niiice

Loooove Dragonette, one of my fav bands, and I absolutely looove this song!
It's a great summer song, I know summer is over....uhhh but not really for us Cali's :D lol, soo it's still a great song to listen too. lol
I love Martina, I looove her awesome unique voice, her attitude in this song, and loove the lyrics! :D
I wish they had a video for this song though :/

Deadmau5 did a fucking amazing job with this song, very different from his other songs he did. I was busy painting few weeks ago, and I was like, "Whoooa, I looove this song! The guys vocals remind me of the leader from My Chemical Romance". So I check the artist, and was sooo shocked it was DEADMAU5! :O!!! And then I see Gerard Way, and lol, I actually forgot his name the leader from MCR. I'm like, who's that? O.o Took a few minutes for me to remember lol.
But yeah, Gerard's voice in this song is SOOOOOO FUCKING GREAT, I LOOOVE IT!!
Deadmau5 and Gerard Way, should def. make more music together. :D
Love the video too, really awesome. :D

Looove this song, I looove John Martin's voice, sooo niiice and beautiful!
I also loove the lyrics, that was the first thing I noticed about this song, and it's why I easily loved it
When I'm feeling sad, a lil down or whatever, I listen to this song, because the lyrics are comforting to me and almost like a hug. ^^
Swedish House Mafia always does it!!! FUCKING LOVE THEM! Still can't believe their stopping as a group. :( I just can only hope in the future they'll come back together and so some songs again. :)
*fingers crossed*

I wish I was in the crowd of a SHM concert I could die there, and it will be all good. :)
I wish I can see them, before Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello end as Swedish House Mafia.

I found of this song just last Sunday from Songza, and Anna was like OH MY GOD! And she pretty much told me about PSY and how her best friend introduced her that song over the summer, before it went viral. O.o She loves this song, and told me to watch the video, because it's really funny, "it's the most colorful and most thought of video ever", she said lol. And I was ok, ok, I'll watch it when I get the chance. And today was the day I got the chance to watch it, and LOL, I laughed, it's a pretty funny video, colorful yes, mainly funny though.
That little boy in the beginning LOL, so cute lol. I also loove the dance, so fun! :D

Love this song, Avicii turns every song into GOLD!! I looove him soooo much!!
And Lenny Kravitz is always great ♥ 
I think they should make more music together, don't you think? ;)

I looooove this song, allll of August I have been listening to this song, it's catchy, it's fun and I loooove WYNTER GORDON'S VOICE! I would def. say this is my fav song off of her album. :)

And this would be my 2nd fav song off of her album, it's so beautiful.
I love the latin music feel to the song , and loove the guys voice! :D

I have been listening to a lot of music this month, but these are the songs, that I mainly remember and that I constantly go back and REPLAY! :D 


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