My Geometric Patterned Bags

7:49 PM

Roses, I actually got inspired by a sketch idea I had drawn on my sketchbook of leo prints, and I was like, oh hey, that looks like a rose, lol. So that's how I got the rose idea lol, and I used watercolor like brushes. :)

Sea Shells Pattern, I looooove sea shells, and when my teacher said to get inspired by nature, sea shells popped in my mind, and I had fun with this pattern playing around with it and it actually came out differently than what I sketched out in my sketchbook. I love that the sea shell pattern forms a shape like within a shape? you know? Kinda looks like a egg shape. :) lol.
Looks like a lil beach bag eh? :D

Sun Pattern, I looove the sun and love drawing the sun, so I def. had to do a geometric patterned sun, and it was pretty easy and I had fun with it. :D This is my fav geometric patterned bag and I love the colors of it, makes me happy, and is so summery :D.

SUN RAYS!!! This was a lot of fun to do, and I enjoyed it. :D

I love this printed bag! It reminds me of a vintagey bowling bag, LOL. :D

Splattered Messenger bag, this bag was just for fun obviously. :)

Heeyyy guys!
Sooo, I finallly got some time to make a post, that I have been wanting to do since last week, but, I didn't have time, because I was busy with my art assignments. :(
Anyways, I had fun doing this assignment last Thursday for my media art class. My teacher wanted us to make geometric patterns and transfer them on the bags she drew for us on Illustrator. She wanted us to get inspired by nature, and well, I did my best, I came up with three nature inspired ideas, and for the rest, I just wanted to have FUN! :D
I don't know what else to say, except, that I'd like to learn and make my own bags on Illustrator, and put my own design ideas on them. :D

*Which is your fav patterned bag?*


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