Going To Try Out A New Feature For The Blog

11:55 PM

Heeeeey guys! :)
Sooo...I decided that I'm going to do a new feature on the blog. Just something I want to try out & I think it would be fun! :D I want to do comic series on FASHION!  My very own, Fashion Comics! :D 
I've been thinking about it for the past week & have talked to Anna about it, & she looved the idea, because she was also thinking about the same thing too! LOL TWINS!
I've already got a few ideas down of what I want to draw, I think I'll name it..."The Lita Series"  ;)
I'm reallly excited about it, but it's too bad that I got this idea now... -.-,  because school is going to start in a few weeks, :((( and I'll be busy with trying to focus on school work. Ugh...MY WEAKNESS! >.<
The comic will be based on me, and well...I'm a girl on a tight budget, and I don't really get to shop so much & can't have everything I want or desire. Sooo.....I DREAM! LOL :D
I'm going to put my "dreams"  on a paper/paint the program & do a little comic about it! :D
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making my lil fashion comics! :D
I can't wait to get started & show you guys! :D

In other news, I have been busy doing a drawing for 2 blogger girls, I'm very pleased of how the drawing turned out, and SOOO EXCITED AND CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW THEM, ONCE I'M DONE! :D 
I have also been making a denim over-sized clutch, it's kind of annoying to make it, because I'm using my old denim scraps from last summer, BUT I'M DETERMINED TO FINISH IT! :D And, I can't wait to show you guys...hopefully it will turn out decent looking. lol

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