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9:06 PM

Sticker 1

Sticker 2

Sticker 3

Illustrations done by: Eliza

I drew all these in June, and have been meaning to show you guys the stickers, but kept forgetting, until I got the chance to take the pics of the stickers few days ago. :D 
 I made these stickers, for when I do street style pics, I'll give out my stickers to the people that I took pics of, so they won't think I'm a creep or something, lol.  It's also a nice way of promoting for our blog & giving a lil art. :D
I just have to now make copies of the stickers...I'm thinking Kinko's.
*Anybody ever made stickers @ Kinko's?*
**Which is your fav sticker?**
Sticker 1
Sticker 2
Sticker 3


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