What I Loved/Liked From Rebecca Minkoff's 2012 Resort Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right

1. LOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! I love the loose fitted blouse and color of it. And I looove those cute loose shorts! Love the color of it also! :D

2. Love the turquoise lace top and skirt, I also love the blazer. Though, I'd like the blazer in black. :)

3. LOOOVE THE BAG! Love the 3 colors of it and the design of the bag !

4. Looove this look too! I love the print of the shirt, and the color, I also like that the buttons are black instead of going with white or a cream color. It just makes the shirt more interesting to the eye. :)

Left to Right

5. Loove this look! I LOOOVE THE PANTS!! Love the pockets, looove the fit of the pants :D  The tank is pretty also, love the ruffles. Doesn't the model look like....Megan Fox?! I think she resembles Megan Fox, it's mainly the eyes and eyebrows and kind of the face structure. *What do you guys think?!* :) ♥♥♥

6. Love the clutch, I love the shirt dress, but not soo crazy about the print? I don't hate it, nor do I love it. ^^

7. I LOOOOVE THIS LOOK! I looove those lace shorts! So cute and love the color!  I also loove the jacket, the laser cut sleeves are just soo awesome! Perfect for the summer! You can put on this jacket, without feeling too hot, because at least you'll feel some breeze on your arms. :D

8. LOOOOVE THE BAG! Love the shape of it and again the design and the colors. :D!

Left to Right

9. I LOOOOOVE THIS JACKET! Oh my god!!! I WANT THIS!!!!  I love the color and the design of it, just something casual but, at the same time you can dress it up or dress it down with. :D  Oh yes, I also LOOVE THE BAG TOO! ♥♥♥♥

10. Love the simple look, love the lace cropped top and the skirt

Over all, I looved her collection, it was a 12 piece collection and I loved 10 out of 12. I will DEF. be keeping my eyes open for her next collection next time, and I CAN'T WAIT! I love her style, and I like the way she plays around with color and the prints, and of course, her designs of her BAGS/CLUTCHES! OH MY! SHE IS SOOO GOOOD!  
I was unaware of who Rebbeca Minkoff was until late of July, I saw her name pop around in some blogs, and then I saw her bags, and was like...WOW! I LOOOVE HER BAGS/CLUTCHES!! SOOO DAMN GOOD, and Anna also loved them too! 

**What did you guys think of Rebecca Minkoff's Collection?**

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