What I Loved/Liked From Phillip Lim's 2012 Resort Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right
1. Looove the white coat, love the loose collar, love the loose top as well and the animal printed pants.

2. Loooove this!! I love the idea of the drawstrings on the waist area, and love that the zippers are of a
goldish color, goes nicely with the white. I also love the shoes

3. I kind od like the top, I love the loosness of the bottom of the top, I'm just not really a fan of the V-neck of the top.

4. Love the outfit! I think it's cute, looove the prints on the sleeves and just love everything the model is wearing and love the bag as well!

Left to Right
 5. Love this. Love that the color is white, instead of the same color of the sleeveless coat.
   Just cool and fun. :D

6. I LOOOVE THE PANTS!!! LOOKS SOO COMFY! Also love the colof the pants :D
7. LOVE THE JACKET! Love the loosness of it and the drawstrings, and loove the sleeves.
8. Love the top, love the loosness of it and the color. :D  The heels are soo nice in black !

Left to Right
9. Looove the sleevless blazer and the white collar, and the pocket edge being white. Love the interesting simple look to it. :D

10. I LOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! Looved the loose top and the color and LOOOOOVE THE CUTE SHORTS!! ♥♥♥!

11.LOOOOVE THE COLORS OF THIS OUTFIT! Love the knitted(?) jacket, and loove the light orange pants, which looks soo comfy and warm to wear! :D ♥♥♥♥!  I want to see more of the red bag :D

12. Loooooove this look! Love the jumpsuit and again the looseness of it. Just very cool.

Left to Right
13. Loooove this outfit too! I looooove the leather(?) shorts, so cute! :D It looks liek those sport shorts, but in leather(?) :D WINNING!   ♥♥♥♥

14.  Love the cropped sweater, looks comfy and warm. :)

15. I LOOOOOVE THIS LOOOK! SOOO NICE! Really gets the attention of one's eyes. :D I love the white loose blouse, the cropped sweater and the looseness of it, love the fitted pants and looove the heels! I want to see more the bag :)

16. Love the top, and the bag. ♥♥

Left to Right
17. Love this outfit! I love the knee length shorts with the bow, soo cute! I also love the loose sleeveless top. :D ♥♥

18. Loooooove the jacket and the blue color of it! I'd def, want this jacket! :D I also love the skinny but the loosness of the jeans

19. Love the jacket, and the 2 tone colors of it.

20. Love the pants, and how theres a slit at the front of the ankle area. :D

Left to Right
 21. Loooove the simple shirt dress. Love the color of it as well. :D
22. Looove the trousers.

23. Love this look, love the looseness of the pants, love the cute clutch, and loove the awesome jacket! I WANT IT! I can't tell if it's leather or another fabric, but either way it's damn nice and looks comfy to wear! :D

24. Looove the pants, and the wrap around stash, the heels and the sheerish top. :)

25. I kind of like this dress. I think it's interesting. Love the black and white, love the sequences(?) at the almost bottom part of the dress, and love the black edge of the neckline and the sleeves.

Over all, I obviously LOOOOOVED THIS COLLECTION! I don't think Phillip Lim can EVER DISAPPOINT ME!  :D I love his cool approach to clothes and just loooved the looseness and relax feel to the clothes in this collection.

**What did you think of this collection?**

*Images from Style.com

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