Our Birthday Bash @ Disneyland!

11:45 PM

Eliza (on the left side)
Top-(I don't know, Anna bought it few yrs ago)
Shorts- Jalate
Flip Flops-Target
Tank Top- Mom bought it from the mall, I don't know which store though.
Blouse- Papaya
Shorts- Bubblegum
Oxfords- Zara
Crossbody Bag- Our mom's
Anna's Braided headband- D.I.Y.

  It was our FIRST time EVER purchasing and tasting Cotton Candy!  However, the cotton candy did not meet our expectation of a delicious taste :(  For 5 minutes the texture and sugar taste was tolerable, however, afterwards the lack of flavor and the overwhelming texture of the sugar caused our faces to distort with DISGUST!  x( GROSS!  Whatta waste of money!  Well, the plus side of purchasing the cotton candy was that we had fun taking pictures of each other while eating the pink sugar crap.

 Eliza and i pointed out that the cotton candy actually looks like a giant sized Beer mug! haha! Or in this case, a giant Cotton Candy Beer Mug!  :P 

 Inside at the entrance of Splash Mountain :D

At Space Mountain!! Hahahahaa through out the ride i (Anna) was laughing (Anna-Right side)
My Mother's Favorite Ride:  It's a Small World After-All

We were doing the LA sign. 

Instant laughter! LOL :D 

Anna doing the Spock sign. 
She's so cute. :)

Anna doing a heart, LOVE IT! She had great timing, unlike me. -.- lol
I did my heart too early. :/ 
NEXT TIME, I'll get it. :D lol.

We got birthday buttons, and the woman spelled my name wrong..... >.<
She spelled my name as Elizo, LOL. 

On our birthday, on Wednesday the 24th, my family and I went to the happiest place on earth...DISNEYLAND! Anna and I, first wanted to go to the beach to just have a nice chill day, but our parents wanted to go to Disneyland, because they're aging, and they want to enjoy their time there, while they still have the chance, so that's why we decided to go to Disneyland. :)
Anna & I had SUCH A AMAZING FUN DAY AT DISNEYLAND, that we wanted to stay there and not go home! lol. We went on 7 rides. We first went on the Indiana Jones ride, SOOOO MUCH FUN! I LOOOVE THAT RIDE! :D Second ride, we went on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Anna's fav), and after that ride, we went to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, but UGH!!! I WAS SOOOO UPSET! The ride was CANCELED FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!! IT'S MY FAV RIDE!! That's alll I kept thinking of the day before our bday, and how much I COULDN'T WAIT TO RIDE IT A BUNCH OF TIMES! UGH :(  Anna was happy because she was scared on going to that ride, lol.
So for the 3rd ride, we went on space mountain, and while waiting in line, a space mountain guy worker, see's us and says, Happy Birthday, and asks how old we are, and Anna, told him to guess and he guessed 19, lol (not bad, lol), but we told him our age and he was shocked and said we looked younger, lol. So then he gave us a FREE PASS TO SPACE MOUNTAIN!! W000000T!! LOL! SOOOO AWESOME! That was one of the highlights of that day! LOL :D
The 4th ride was Splash Mountain, while waiting in line, I took some videos of the ride, which I will show you guys in the next post. And while waiting in line, like half way through the line, the ride got stuck, it had some problem, so  the people had to get off the ride, and for the rest of the people that were waiting in line, some left and some just waited till the ride got fixed. While waiting for the ride to get fixed, Anna & I started talking to these 2 girls that were in front of us, and they were friendly and cool to talk too. They wished us a happy bday and we just chatted with them. :) But Anna & I were starting to get hungry, and plus our parents wanted to eat, and were waiting for us, sooo sadly, we had to leave. I didn't really want to go, I wanted to stay, because I thought, what if we leave and then the ride starts working.  And guess what?! LOL, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!!! After we left, like 5 minutes or so, the ride started to WORK! UGHHHH!!! >.<
 We ate at the Hungry Bear Restaurant , the food was ok, I loved the sweet potato fries, but I was still somewhat hungry. -.-  After the restaurant, Anna & I walked around with our parents, and my mom wanted to go on the ride, It's A Small World, it's her fav, and she wanted the family to be together for the ride, lol. I took some videos of, It's A Small World, and I'll post them up on the next post. :) After that ride we watched a small parade, and I took a few pics & some vids of it, and will also post it up on next post. :) After the parade, Anna & I separated from our parents, to go ride more rides. We went on Splash Mountain, and I GOT THE FIRST SEAT!! W0000T! :D LOL. Omgod, I was excited, got wet, had fun (of course), Anna & I planned to do the L.A. hand sign, because you know, they take your picture, before you take the last big drop. :D lol
After Splash Mountain, we ran to Space Mountain, lol, YES AGAIN! We got the first seats, and we were soo excited! We LOOOOVE THAT RIDE!  I only wish that ride was an HOUR LONG! :D lol.
Anna & I planned out to do another hand sign, I wanted to do a heart, but I had bad timing, and Anna did the SPOCK hand sign! IT CAME OUR REALLLY AWESOME! :D
After, Space Mountain, we had a small amount of time for the last ride, so we choose SPLASH MOUNTAIN FOR THE 2ND TIME! :D. When we got off the ride, we were running and trying to figure out our way to splash mountain, until the 2 girls we meet earlier in the day, saw us, and ran to us, and we talked about splash mountain, lol & chatted for a bit. It was awesome that the girls saw us, and Anna & I enjoyed talking to them. They're really cool/awesome to talk too. HIIII EVYYYY & ALEXXX!!! :D It was nice meeting you two. :D
When we said bye to Evy & Alex, Anna & I ran to splash mountain, and lol, I couldn't run with my flip flops, so, I took them off, and ran barefooted! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN RUNNING BAREFOOTED! The floor was smooth, and I didn't step on spit or anything! :D I feared I would, but gladly didn't, which is funny, because it was dark, and also I ran faster and catched up with Anna, who runs faster than me. lol.
When we got to splash mountain, the line was really short, so we got in the ride faster and I GOT THE FIRST SEAT AGAIN!! W00000T! LOL :D. I was soooo excited and was hoping to get the first seat again, lol. The 2nd time around splash mountain, I didn't get wet, no....I GOT SOAKED!!! LOL! FROM HEAD TO TOE! My clothes from front to back were soaked and even my bag got soaked! Prettty crazy!
When the ride was over, we meet up with our parents and they were shocked to see us all wet, LOL. It was funny. We on the last ride with our parents, the Haunted Mansion, my dad loves that ride. I took pics of the ride & will show you guys in the next post. :) After that ride, we sadly went home. :/ Anna & I were sad to leave Disneyland...but who wouldn't?!  Next yr, we might go to Disneyland on our bday again, yayyyyyy! LOL. :D

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