What I Loved/Liked From Acne's 2012 Resort Collection

3:42 AM

My Collage

Left to Right

1. Looove the orange button down blouse. :) I kind of like the skirt, love that it has pockets, love the color, just....don't really like the print.
2. This model is sooooo cuuute! Love her face with the glasses and looove her hair!
3. I kind of like the sleeveless jacket, I like the zippers on the outside of the jacket, kind of like the shoulders. I guess what I don't like bout it, is that, it looks kind of boxy? Not so fitted.
4. I want to see the denim ripped skirt. :P

Left to Right

5. LOOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! MY FAV! Love the top and cute collar and skirt. Just nice and simple and .....whiiiite :D

6. I loooove the velvet skirt high waist pencil skirt! I like the idea of wearing a sheer clothing article under a pencil skirt...nice idea. :)  *I'm taking a mental note of this* LOL :D

7. WHOAAAA.....I don't know what to think, except...Do It Yaself...ladies! (at the destroyed denim jacket) ;D  lol

**What do you guy's think of the collection?**

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