Having Fun With A Mannequin Hand! :D

11:36 PM

That's right as the title goes :D, I took the first 4 pics earlier in the afternoon today and the last 2 Anna took.

These pics were just for fun and I didn't think I'd make a post today, it all just happened spontaneously.  I stepped outside to look for the mannequin and I got the hand and put my rings and bracelet on it to see how it will look "displayed" and I realllly liked it and thought it was cool! So I went to show Anna, and she loved it and then I started to play around with the hand pretending it was my hand.......lol. Like, for the last photo, "Oh...let me look out the window" LOL.  And Anna and I were laughing cuz it was funny and fun, so she decided to take pics. :D
Mannequin limbs are a whoooole lotta FUN!  lol :D

Btw, I have been busy making more things and will show you guys an update soon! :D


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