Sandals I'm Currently Loving!

12:42 PM

This is such a CUTE SANDAL!!!
I want it!  
I'd love to have them in this color, red and blue!

Anna & I loooove this sandal, just so colorful, love the simple design to it and really just being simple.
I love it. :)

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This sandal caught my eye and attention thanks to pinterest! :D
Again, I just loove the simple plain design to the sandal and LOOOVE THE BRIGHT COLOR!!
Looove Rebecca Minkoff

Such a nice sandal, love the color choices, so chic I think :)
I can see this sandal with denim blue jeans and white jeans. 
Ahhhh...I can totally see it paired up with white skinny jeans, sooo stunning!

I looove the print of the weave highlighting it with the NEON COLOR, oh my sooo clever! :D
I loove design sooo much, and I just really love how Rebecca thinks when she designs something, it's really simple, modern and young!

Here's the same shoe but in a black version, just wanted to post it to show you guys the 2nd color option. :)
I really like this color choice as well, it will go with everything and with a nice touch of weave design on yer feet! ;D
But I def. looove the neon one more, it's just a POP OF FUN! :D
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Love these sandals, so cute, love the weave pattern and the colors. :)

Just wanted to show you guys some sandals I have been loving lately, seeing soo many pop of fun colored sandals on pinterest, that it REALLLY got me into making this post, duh lol and got me hoping & wishing it was SUMMER ALREADY! :D


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