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Ali & Kris
tjmaxx 059
Looooove this floral top, very cool.
This top was actually a large, I like the large more than the small, because it's longer at the front. lol
This fun floral top was DEF. one of my fav pieces I found @ the grand opening of TJMaxx.
Ali & Kris

tjmaxx 025
tjmaxx 029
tjmaxx 058
I liked this top from Edge..., and when I saw the label I was like....omgod, the label looks just like mine...,
and I bought a top from mine...remember in this post?
I went home and did research and found out that Edge Clothing Inc. has two other branches of clothing lines or labels, Mine... and Blue Bird. Pretty cool. :)

tjmaxx striped
tjmaxx striped
tjmaxx 056
Loved this asymmetrical tank top!
It's really comfy and just cool, and love the lil pocket. :)
Perfect for summer!

Liked this sheer top. :)

tjmaxx 039
tjmaxx 040
tjmaxx 043
tjmaxx 055
I just had to get it, because, I'm a sucker for draped cardi's and I really loved the colors and the feeling of the cardi
It would be perfect for fall, I plan on wearing a turtle neck underneath it, put a belt over the cardi, wear one of my skinny jeans or maybe my flared jeans and wear my twins Zara oxfords orrrrr......maybe her new Aldo wedges :D

tjmaxx 044
tjmaxx 045
tjmaxx 047
I wanted to get a denim button down shirt, I found this one, loved the color, but the fabric wasn't soft, which I didn't like and plus it was too big the sleeves for my arms.
I like the two different denim washes together right? Looks cool, I think. :)
By the way, the jeans that I'm wearing in all these pics except for the 2nd to last pic is by Free People

tjmaxx 049
tjmaxx 051
tjmaxx 057
I loved the peter pan collar, the sleeves, and around the waist area.
I didn't get it because it was big on me even though it was a size small. O.o
I thought that was weird, too bad. :/

tjmaxx 063
tjmaxx 060

Here are the beloved Free People skinny jeans, that I want to badly get 
(Read the story below the pics ^^ )

tjmaxx 066
tjmaxx 067
Loved these flats, so cute, I loove a round toe for every type of shoe, I always have since I was a child
I believe the brand was R2, and it was really comfy, but I didn't get it because for my left foot, the flat shoe made my foot turn in wards?....I don't know how to explain. -.- It sucks really. ugh. My search goes on for the perfect flat, it's rather frustrating. :/

On Sunday I went to a grand opening of a new TJmaxx store on Ventura & Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, and I loved a few items and liked several clothes. Overall the grand opening was alright, I've seen better clothes in other tjmaxx stores. One of my fav  Items that I loved was a BLACK LEATHER RALPH LAUREN SATCHEL, but too bad it was $129. :(  It had a soft leather feel to it, it was a nice small to medium size satchel, and I looooved the inside of it, it seemed so organized. I def. saw myself carrying the satchel for school.
When I came home I tried to look for it online, but I had no luck, I couldn't find it. :(   I couldn't take a pic of the bag in store, because there were people around. -.-

The other item I realllly loved at the grand opening were FREE PEOPLE SKINNY JEANS!!!
Ahhhhh, I LOOOVED IT SOOO MUCH!! I looove the feel of the denim, loved the denim wash color and I just had to try them on. And when I did, WOOOOOW....SOOO COMFY!!! I reallly instantly fell in love! It's sooo comfortable, that I forgot I had them on, LOL, and I ALMOST left the dressing room with the jeans ON! YIKES! LOL! I never did that in MY WHOLE LIFE! I felt like those were my jeans, that's how comfy they are . Now here's the sad part....I took the jeans in my size, and it fitted nicely everywhere, but the waistband was big, not even my size, that I just don't get. O.o   So I went back to pick up the smaller sizes, because I saw them earlier, and welll...when I went back, THE SMALL SIZES WEREN'T THERE ANYMORE!! :((((  I was pissed at myself, I should have taken the small sizes when it was available. ugh
So now I have to check other TJMaxx stores to see if they have my size. :/ Hope they do! *crosses fingers* Because I realllly want them, they honestly beat out my BLANK Skinnies. :P


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