My 2nd Oil Painting - Warm & Cool Still Life

2:48 PM

I hope when I paint these two jars it comes out really good. :D

Yup, my 2nd oil painting for my class, my teacher set up 2 chairs in the classroom, and is my view on it.  I decided to crop it because, I really didn't want to draw the whooole set, O.o, too much work and I felt overwhelmed. :P lol. Plus I REALLLY wanted to paint the 2 jars :) . 

This time, my teacher will be grading us on composition and seems I have a good composition, which is actually funny, because I had no idea what I was doing, sort of.  I know, I wanted to crop and zoom in on the top chair, and crop the bottom chair, but have the bottom chair sticking out on the left side. So I sort of knew what I was doing, but didn't know if it was a good composition or not, I really thought it sucked. lol. But in class, a advanced student really loved my painting and said beautiful composition, and I was like....REALLLY?! LOL! I was really shocked.  I sweaaar, every time, I don't know what I'm doing, it seems like I'm doing a good job, and every time I know what I am doing and I'm sure of myself, seems like I'm doing it wrong according to my teachers. -.- I don't get it.  Oh well, so I joked with Anna saying, I should just paint mindlessly LOL. 

Anyways, enough of me talking, I still have a lot to do, but I think, I won't have any problems doing this painting unlike my first black and white painting , I can honestly say that, I really liked this 2nd painting, and actually enjoyed working on it and I do look forward to continue painting it. :D 

Sooooo.....I must go, and continue working on my painting and I'm going to be busy doing this painting maybe until Thursday, because it's due Friday, and when I'm done, I will DEF. take pics of the finished painting and post it on the blog! :D
Yayyyyy....can't wait!


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