How I Would Style Floral Pants Illustrations

10:39 PM

I couldn't help but do an illustration of how I would wear floral pants, so I had to draw it to show you guys. :D  I drew two version of how I would wear floral pants, the first is my dream outfit, what I envisioned and the 2nd outfit is, reality, the clothes in my closet. You know how I said in my post, about my moms vintage floral pants? Well here is the illustration, the REALITY OUTFIT. A basic gray top, my mom's vintage floral pants (though I sorta forgot how they looked, I'm not sure if they have ruffles at the bottom of the pants for each leg or not), and Anna's black oxfords. :)

The DREAM OUTFIT, is a black popcorn knit sweater, and skinny floral trousers that are folded at the bottom, and black shiny heels. :)

Inked in black filt tip marker
Colored with Prisma color pencils and Prisma markers


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