My First Oil Painting -Still Life - Black & White

9:43 PM

The past 3 days, I have been busy working on my FIRST oil painting for my oil painting class, and I am happy with the finished painting! :D
I never worked with oil painting, and soo...I was really frustrated with the steps of working with oil painting, everything was just so opposite from what I am used to with water coloring and working with acrylics. I'm still getting the hang of oil painting and the steps and how to paint in a orderly manner. 
Man, there's soo many steps! O.o I don't like it..... -.-.  

Anyways on to the painting, around Wednesday and Thursday, I started coming around to my painting and I started to like how it was turning out. :)  Since I think oil painting is tedious, I wasn't picky with how I worked and only cared to get the shading, the lightening right and to make my objects have a smooth finish.
I didn't really care too much for the table cloth.... :P lol I HATE painting in the table cloths! -.- They're annoying! 

Overall, I think I'll be getting a C, and I'm honestly fine with that, because I am a total beginner and I'm just learning for myself and understanding oil painting. :)  Usually this is NOT my attitude, I LOOOOVE GETTING A's, and I always have gotten A's in all the art classes I took, but this time around, I'm going to approach things differently, and just learn oil painting and not be all like, "I want to be TOP STUDENT" and all. But once I get oil painting down and I do become good at it, I'll get back to my competitive ways. :D 

These are my fav parts of the painting, 
 The water bottle, because of the light and the shadows on the bottle and how I blended the colors together to give it a nice smooth finish. :)

The cropped vase bottle, and the reflection of it on the rectangular box. 
I love again the smoothness of it. :)

And lastly the two folds of the table cloth that's between the small box and the rectangular box.
I took a close pic of it, but it came out over exposed -.- , so I didn't add it to the post, sorry guys :/
But you can see, if you care in the first pic of the two folds and what I'm talking about. :)


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