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I've liked floral pants/trousers since last yr. I remember looking through a Vogue issue (I forgot what month :/)
and one page caught my attention, a woman was wearing floral pants paired up with a gray shirt, pumps and a clutch. I thought, 'Wow, I really like this style and how she paired up the floral pants with the plain gray top.' So then I thought to myself, I can wear something similar to her outfit! Her floral pants reminded me of my mom's vintage floral pants that she passed to my sister and I, and I thought I can wear her vintage floral pants and pair it up with a plain short sleeve shirt, and wear one of my sisters oxfords. :D 
Though, I never got around to plan that outfit, because I couldn't find my mom's vintage floral pants :/ , so I got to ask her, because now I'm REALLLY LOVING the FLORAL PANTS TREND.......ALLLL THANKS TO OLIVIA PALERMO!  
The other day I was on Pinterest, and I saw a pic of Olivia wearing a floral pants and I reallly just fell in love with the way she styled it. I looove the bright yellow shirt she wore with her floral pants and then topping it off with a black blazer, the colors are so nice. I love her style and how dresses up. :)

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Pic from Pinterest

ooooo...I just realized I do have floral leggings..hmmm...I should style with that till I find my mom's vintage floral pants. :)  
If I had floral trousers or pants I would want to pair it up with a black or gray sweater, a popcorn knit sweater and a non-popcorn knit sweater, and wear black heels and have a clutch.

But in REALITY, I don't have that :/ ,  so I thought of wearing for now, my floral leggings and wearing a knit sweater, denim shorts over my floral leggings and my twin's black oxfords. ^^

*Anyone else loving the floral pants/trouser trend?*


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