My March Music Playlist Of The Month

12:00 PM

I have been listening to this song since February, & I forgot to put it in my February music playlist whoops...anyways, I realllly love this song, and I still listen to it and I reallly love Inna's voice in this song, it's sweet, cute and sexy alll at the same time! She's the best, looove her!

And looove this remix by Diplo, sooo gooood!
Have a listen! :D

Anna & I loooove this song, Yuna has such a cute voice and I LOOOOOOVE THE LYRICS!

  Leave The Lights On by NYLONmag
The artist is Mieko and I loooove her voice and this song, it's pretty catchy :)
(You can download the song for free on Nylons soundcloud :D )

I loove the females voice, soo pretty and love her accent, I also love the lyrics. :)

Listen to the song - Dragon & Jontron ft. Lea Luna - "Tonight"
I tried to find the song on soundcloud along, but ugh, couldn't find, sooo just listen for that song.
I love that song, love the lyrics, and the females vocals kind of reminds me of Nadia Ali's.

Loooooove Martin Solveig, big fan of him,
and I love this song, and the rework to me has a bit of indie music feel to it, LOVE IT!

Like this song by Fiction, it's actually my first time hearing of the band, and the song has a bit of old skool feel to it. :) And Anna ended up liking this song too, after I was loudly playing it lol. :D
I looove Moshi Moshi Music, they always find great artists/music

Loooove this song by Theophilus London!
I actually heard this song from the Rebecca Minkoff fall 2012 runway show.
And have been listening to it since
Anna and I loooove the lyrics, "The clothes don't make the man, it's the man that make the clothes"
Loooove that part. :D

Gorillaz ft. Andrea 3000 and James Murphy - DoYaThing

The video is I think is phenomenal!!! Loooove the animation, sooo verrry freakin cool! Just a lot of hard creative work, and I reallly love and appreciate that from Gorillaz, they NEVER FAIL! :D
Oh and love Andrea 3000 with Gorillaz, they are a good mix together! :D

There you guys have it! :D


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