Born Pretty Store, Package Delivery! :D

8:00 AM

My first water decal nail art of Badtz Maru!!! :D

I was sent a message through youtube from Born Pretty Store, and was asked if I wanted to do a product review, because they saw that I had some nail art tutorials on my channel, and I was like SURE! :D
I looooove nail art sooo much, and was SUPER SHOCKED & SURPRISED that I was asked to do a product review! I was given a link to go to and pick out a product of my choice to receive and review about. So I chose a water decal of Badtz Maru, and I was attracted to it, because...well first of all, Badtz Maru, he's sooo cuuuute, I loved the images, it's playful and loved the colorful shapes, because it reminded me of POP ART! I felt, there's a lot I can do with this water decal, I can do pop art nail art to black and white nail art! :D  I love products where I can do like a variety of things with, you know? :D

So I will be doing a product review video on this, pretty sooon, kinda nervous! lol ^^'

Who loves Badtz maru?! :)


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