NIY: 4th of July Nail Art Tutorials

8:22 PM

My nail art :)

White, Red, Blue - Essie
Straw - You can get free at fast food places

I forgot to mention, apply Top Coat to seal your nail art :)

White & Blue - Essie
Nail Art Deco Wheel
Red Microbeads

Happy 4th guys,
there was supposed to be a nail art video for both of these designs. I recorded the tutorials with my moms ipad on Wednesday and I thought it was going to be easy to transfer to my pc, wasn't! I couldn't transfer, so I had to email the video clips, and that took for 2 days! >.<
Then I ran into another problem, while editing my video on Windows Movie Maker, it all of a sudden FROZE! >.< I was piiiissssed!!! Every time I would open up windows movie maker, it would freeze up :(
So last night, I was frustrated, and quickly thought of a 2nd alternative, which was to do a step by step pictorial nail art tutorial. Which ain't so bad, right? Still a nice tutorial.

Anyways, hope everyone else is having a good 4th of July!


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