What I Wore to an Interview....

11:22 PM

 This is what I wore to a interview I had yesterday. I wanted to keep it simple with the classic black and white look. Also, I added red for a pop of color, so my outfit won't be too boring or plain :) 
What I was wearing:
Blazer - H&M 
Peter Pan collar top - H&M (from last yr)
Belt - My moms (Vintage)
Pants - Cisono
Shoes - Linea Paolo (Anna bought them from Bloomingdales several yrs back)
Bag - (I bought it in downtown LA at some bag store)
Ring - H&M (Similar , Similar)

And this is what Anna wore to her interviews yesterday :)
I really loved Anna's outfit, I thought she looked cool :)

What Anna was wearing:
Blazer - H&M (Similar)
Top - H&M 
Pants - Cisono
Socks (no brand)
Shoes - Dolce Vita 
Necklace (our moms from Armenia)
Rings - H&M (Similar)

I have to say, styling for a interview is probably the most nerve wrecking style challenge! 
Won't you agree or disagree?
I'd love to read your thoughts :)


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