H&M Goodie Bag + What I Bought :)

7:10 PM

This was the goodie bag that was given to the first 100 people in line :)

 A printed H&M shirt made specially for the grand opening and also the H&M staff workers were wearing them :) It's funny because, when I was waiting in line, I saw the workers wearing that shirt and I thought, that's a cool shirt! So I was surprised and happy when I saw it in the goodie bag :)

A H&M magazine

A fishnet like pouch

A plastic water carrier? (I'm not sure what it's actually called)

A simple braided leather bracelet 

And a H&M water bottle :)

And here's what I bought :)

I bought the blazer, it's such a PERFECT FIT! I love it!
I can dress it up and dress it down, so versatile, and a essential that I very muuuch needed!♥♥♥♥

A much needed nice button down blouse, I was attracted to the mustard yellow color, it just popped out to me and I had to try it on. It didn't have my size, so I picked a size 4, but it still looks pretty good on me! :D 
I reallly love this blouse so much, I think yellow mustard is such a great color to have in your wardrobe, because, it really can go with most colors, obviously black, bright blues to medium to dark colored blues, reds, white, off white, greys, purples, etc. I think it's a fun color to style with. :D

I'm in love with this outfit

I wanted to get a statement necklace, but this minimalism necklace caught my eye, and I don't know, I just felt satisfied with it, I felt, that this was the one, and I also love it because it's adjustable! :D

I have been WANTING THEM since they got into trend, and so I was so happppy that I finally got it!
They're just so perfect, because you can wear them with anything, and love that it gives off a simple edge to your hands/outfit! ;D

Lastly, I saw that H&M had make up, and I was TEMPTED TO BUY SOMETHING
I was really curious of the eye shadow palettes, mainly the black smoky, because I just love black eye shadows. Thankfully they had testers, so I got to test out the colors, and I really liked them, it seemed pigmented, so I got it! :D

Also I got a mini tool brush kit, because I needed a eye shadow brush for my new SMOKY EYESHADOWS. :D 


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