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9:18 PM

White Multi Sunglasses - Similar (It's pretty much the same shape but the color is pink/nude)
Round Pink Sunglasses -  Similar (The color is navy/taupe ombre)
Beanie is also from Forever 21
I never got to show you guys what I bought last month, so I figured I would show it in this post for Wednesday Lovin, because, I still very much love my new sunnies that I got from Forever 21! :D
Initially I wanted to get 1 pair of sunnies, like a plain one so I can do a diy for it, buuuut, that didn't happen, because once I saw the trendy sunnies I was like... *GASP*! OMGOD :O!!! "Ooooo I LIKE THIS ONE! OH I LIKE THAT ONE! OMGOD ROUND SUNNIES, I LOVE!"
I started going crazy and tried on every sunnie that caught my eye. And when I was in that craze, I totally forgot about my plan, that I ended up wanting to buy 3 sunnies that I completely fell in love with! I just could not pick 1 from the 3 to buy, I was so sad, that I was know what? Fuck it, I'm getting all 3 of them! Plus, I don't have any sunnies and I don't buy accessories that much for myself, so now's the chance!


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