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A fun experimentation illustration I did of Melissa from The Key To Chic  :)
I really liked a picture from her instagram and thought it would be fun to do, and yeah I enjoyed working on it. I experimented with the style, I'm usually a detailed artist, but this time, I wanted to experiment with simplicity, plain solid colors. Instead of using a black filt tip marker to make the outlines of the clothes, I used black embroidery :)  I also embroidered the words on her sweater, Holy Chic. It was my first time embroidering in cursive. It was frustrating at first, but the Chic part, I got the hang of it :)
I reallly love the simplicity of this illustration, it was fun to do and just something different than what I usually do.  It's fun to let go and experiment with different kind of ideas and what not, so important for an artist! :)
Materials I used to create this illustration : Acrylics, Embroidery, Micro Beads (on the white collar), black filt tip marker

What do you guys think? :)


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