Music Playlist of July!

6:07 PM

Hi guys! :D
So this months playlist is less EDM and more indie music!
This months playlist has some songs perfect for summer, like a carefree vibe.
You should listen to the songs by Mausi - My Friend Has A swimming Pool, Move,  Sol., and Body Language. Alllll their songs are so much fun, and has a youthful, carefree feel! I discovered Mausi, all thanks to my trusty music finder, Songza, playlist - Blogged 50
Nightbus - Across the Sea is another good summer song, it has a retro-ish sound
 Girls of Summer by Yonas 
& Home by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Romans (Every time I hear this song, I visualize the sunset and being on the road, like being on a roadtrip, going back home. I think this song would be a perfect fit for that! :))

I also got songs on the subject of love, and I would say my most fav songs are, You & Me by Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle. (I'm sooo addicted to this song, Eliza's voice is so good and beautiful and Disclosure always has a touch of sexy in their songs ♥♥♥♥) Won't you agree? ;)

Hideaway, Giant In My Heart, So Deep and What is Love - Kiesza.
I LOVE KIESZA!!! I looove all her songs, I listened to Hideaway before it went big, and quickly fell in love with her. In my June playlist I had Hideaway in there and I had to put her in my July playlist again, because, I can't stop listening to her!! I love Giant In My Heart, sooo great, such a beautiful voice
And she did such a great beautiful cover of Haddaway's song, What Is Love.
*Have you listened to it yet? What do you think of the cover? :)*

Cold Front by Laura Welsh (love her voice and the VIDEO IS A MUST!! It's sooo artistic and so beautiful, I love it so much, I love how towards the end it made my heart beat with a rush! )

 FKA twigs - Two Weeks & Papi Pacify (I absolutely looove this girl, she is just so unique, in the way she looks, the way she makes music, and love her lyrics, it's a bit dark, but I love it! )

Somebody Loves You & Alone Again by Betty Who
Her songs are fun :)

Sweet Love by Kaskade, I absolutely love this song, my fav lyric in the song is "I like the feel of simplicity" And I feel like this song is just that, a feel of simplicity, it's nice with sweet lyrics. :)

And the last thing I wanna talk about is, well, it's a THROWBACK SONG!
So you could just imagine how HAPPPY I WAS WHEN I FOUND HER ON A PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY! OMG!!! I still very much remembered her songs, it was nice to go back and reminiscence. Too bad she didn't last, she came back in early 2014....ummm...yeah, I didn't like her song. She's like a one hit wonder, so yeah, listen to her song, Gotta Tell You, IT'S SOOO GOOOD!!!


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