Flower Crowns....

9:18 PM

They're everywhere....
I actually made a flower crown in high school in my floral design class, and at that time it wasn't in trend or popular or anything. But it wasn't made out of actual flowers, it was made of ribbons, wires & floral tape.
I loved it and enjoyed making it.
But, this flower crown trend, hmmm I don't know, I don't hate it nor do I don't love it. I just feel like it's a lil overrated for me, every girl is wearing a flower crown it seems and what's worse, is that the flower crowns look alike. It's BORING! >.< I did like one flower crown over the spring, it was black fake flowers that had spikes, that was cool and different, FINALLY
So last night, I was thinking that I wanted to get back to making diy crafty things. And I thought of making a flower crochet crown! :D I thought of this idea from another idea I had, which was to make a flower bracelet out of crochet and then it got me thinking, why not make one as a flower crown?!
So I started googling to see if anyone came up with that idea, and sadly they have! :/
But I don't care, I'm still gonna do it, at least make a attempt at it! ;D

Here are some images I saw on google last night :)

pic via hopefulhoney

Cute & different aren't they? :)

What do you guys think about flower crowns? or crochet flower crowns? 


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