H&M Grand Opening At The Westfield Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall!

1:22 PM

Hi guys!
So last Thursday, Anna & I went to the grand opening of the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks. It's the closest mall to where I live, and I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY!!!
I always wanted H&M to be at the Westfield Fashion Square mall, I waited for a few yrs, and FINALLY IT HAPPENED! :D The Grand Opening of the store opened up at 12 pm, but the first 100 people in line would get goodies. Anna & I wanted the goodies, so we went to the mall around 8 am, just to be one of the 100 people in line. :D When we got to the mall, there was hardly anyone there minus the cops, and some workers, and it was nice having the mall all to ourselves!D
When we reached the H&M store, there was already several people forming a line, thankfully it was a short beginning line. We waited for like 4 hours, so not so bad. I have never done anything like this before, waking up early and waiting in line until the doors open for a clothing store. It was a fun experience, well worth it, and I would def. do this again! :D

I had to do a lil video to show you guys how empty the mall was. :)

While waiting in line, I saw Mr. Cool over here, and I absolutely looooved his style! So awesome!  I loved everything, from hat to shoes ;)!  

Around 10:30 am a Stephanie Liu, a fashion blogger from Honey & Silk & a H&M staff? Started a giveaway, the first 5 people had to tweet Stephanie about the event, and those first 5 winners, will get to shop the new store & have a style consultation with Stephanie Liu and a FREE HEAD-TO-TOE OUTFIT! HOW LUCKY RIGHT?! 

By the way, the woman in the black with the mustard yellow blouse, I was soooo in love with her outfit and her entire look, like I mean, her beauty, hair style, her glasses, & even her tattoos. I just loved how her tattoos were exposed. I just found that beautiful, I reallly admired her :)

The first winner was lilmissstyle1, a fashion blogger I've seen around on twitter, so I was like, oh hey it's her! That was pretty cool. :)

BAG OF FREEBIES for the first 100 people in line! :D
After like a minute or so of giving out the bag of goodies, the staff handed out gift cards to the first 100 people in line, the cards ranged from $10 to $300
Anna & I both got $25 gift cards! :D #Twinning! ;D

H&M staff members running past the lines & high five'ing people :D

Finalllly the grand opening of H&M!!! :D

I loooved this day soo much, it made me happy :D

I will show you guys my my bag of goodies and what I bought from the grand opening in the next post!


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