What I Loved/Liked From Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

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My Collage

Left to Right

1.Like the high knee boots, I like the shininess to it. Love the electro blue
2.Like this dress, like it around the shoulders, around the neck, basically the soft draping.
3.Like the skirt. Like the colors and the sequence
4. Love this, love the simplicity to it. 

Left to Right

5. I kind of like this dress. I like the one line that divides the two colors, it looks like a thunder bolt. I like the idea of this dress and playing around with the colors. :)

6. Like this dress, I just don't like the color, I would like to see it in black. :D 
7. Like the jacket, like the simplicity of it.
8. I LOOOVE THIS!! LOVE THE COLOR TOO! It's a nice pink rosy color, and I love the simple design to it. :)

Left to Right
9. Loove the top! Love that it's shiny :D

10. Like this look. I love the color, I love the neck bow tie, love the sheer on the long blouse, and like the beads/sequences at the bottom of the top and the skirt. 

Like the top, like the sequences on it.

Left to Right

13. Like this idea of a very sheer sleeveless V neck jumpsuit, I like the beadings on it.
14. Like this dress. Like the color, like the beadings on it.
15. LOOOVE THIS DRESS!!  I think it's cute! Love the crystals in the middle of the dress, love the ruffles surrounding  around the crystals, and LOOVE the fringes(?) on the neckline and sleeves :D ♥♥♥♥!
16. LOOVE THIS DRESS TOO! So feminine!  Love the sheerness, just love everything. :D ♥♥♥!

Left to Right

17. Like this dress. Love the color, love the neck tie bow, and like the flowers on the sheer dress.

18. Like this, I looove the chest area, and the around the neck. Loove the sheerness on the chest. Don't like those prints on the rest of the dress.

19. Like this dress. Like the lace and sheerness to it. :)

I don't know if I liked this show, I thought it was OK, there was only a few pieces I loved,
I guess I was hoping to see more of her signature of her dresses, in this collection.
Like in her spring 2011 collection, OMGOD...I LOOOOVED THAT COLLECTION!
Like the dresses that I loved in this collection, I wish there were more of it.
Sadly, I couldn't find the video, but when I do, I will update this post. :)

**What did you guys think of this collection?**

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