I Spotted Myself In the Fashion Night Out Event :D

3:45 AM

So while looking for a band today over the net, I went on youtube to watch their music video, and while the video was loading, I wondered about my Fashion Night Out video, that I captured of Fergie at Nordstroms, in the Grove of L.A., and I checked it out, got 33 views on it, lol.  Then I started to look on the right side, where more videos were displayed, and I noticed there were new videos! Soooo, I clicked on one, hoping that maybe I can try and spot myself within the massive crowd, and OH MY GOD!!!! I DID SPOT MEEEE!!!! LOL I could NOT BELIEVE IT!! I seriously started to laugh! I called over my mom and sister, and they watched the video, and I paused to show my twin and I, and they laughed, and couldn't believe that we got in the video. :D

So here's the video,

 I was on my tippy toes, trying to see Fergie. :D

Twin & I

She's taking pictures of Fergie Ferg

This video really made me happy, and brought so much LAUGHTER! :D
It made my daaay! :D

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