What I Loved/Liked From Alexander Wang's Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

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My Collage

Left to right

1. I like the idea of this pancho? Love that it's half knit and half....I think it's leather? Well yeah, I love the idea of the pancho. What did you guys think of it?

2. I somewhat like the jacket, I like the puffyish sleeves and somewhat the fur. I LOOVE THE PANTS! :D
3. Like the jacket, and I sort of like the pants. I like the bagginess of it and how it comes a bit tight, I also like the two different fabrics of the pants. :)

4.OMGOD!! I THINK THIS JACKET WAS MY FAAAV PIECE FROM THE WHOOOLE COLLECTION!!! Why I love this jacket, it's because, it has a mens inspired tuxedo on the back, and the front of the jacket, it looks like a normal leather jacket.

Left to Right
5. LOOOVE THE PANTS!! I love the zippers to it. ♥
6. I sort of like this. I like it because, it looks like a sweater dress. It's all knit and then the bottom, I think it's satin? Yea, I like it.
7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THISSS!!!! I JUST THINK IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! My first thought was, WOW AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL! :D I loove the color of it, I love the knit with the satin, and loove that IT'S LONG! My 2nd FAV PIECE!! ♥♥♥

8. I loove the glittery pants!! :D

Left to Right
9. Like the sweater, I like that there are slits at the sides of the sweater. Love the pants.
10. I LOVE THIS COLOR BEST OUT OF THE GLITTER PANTS!!♥♥  What do you guys think?
11. I kind of like the jacket. I think I like the glittery fabric mixed with the other 2 fabrics.
12. I love this jacket more than number 11. :)
Left to Right
13. I loove this. I love the back, because it has a zipper going horizontal across at the bottom of the sweater :D
14. Loove the pants, and I like the top. Love the sheerness of it and I sort of like the trail of the fabric, something different. :)
15. I loove the frilled sheer top. ♥
16. Like this, same thing as I said about the sleeveless white one.
Left to Right
17. I like that one side has fur and the other side is sheer. I just like the idea of the design. :)
18. I LOOVE THE TOP!!! Love that the sleeves are sheer and the body area has fur. :D I think it would be fun to dress up with this piece. ♥
19. Like the top. I like the slits, and the rest of the fabric hanging loosely. :)

My fav thing about this collection was how he mixed up the knits with fur and satin and other fabrics. 
 I loved some of the designs of his pieces and loooooooved that white leather jacket with the tuxedo inspired at the back, just makes that jacket SOO INTERESTING!!!
If I was ridiculously rich I WOULD BUY THAT LEATHER WHITE JACKET!!! 
It has stolen my EYES! LOL Instead of saying, stolen my heart, lol.
btw, I loove the square catwalk. :D

What did you guys think of his collection?

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