What I Loved/Liked From Fashion East Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

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My Collage

 Left to Right

1. LOOOOOOVE THIS DRESSS!! Love the knit work, LOOVE THAT BELT, love the fringes at the bottom. ♥♥
2. LOOVE THIS KNITTED DRESS TOO!  That belt is so much fun !
3. Like the horizontal striped long sheer dress. :D Would love to see it alone without the jacket.
4. Looove the knitted cardi and like the top. Like the colors of the top. :)
Left to Right
5. Like the pants.
6. I like this short dress, I think the feathers make the dress interesting.
7. Like the back dress.
8. Love the knitted sweater, looks soo warm. :) ♥  That models legs are sooo skinny. O.o

Left to Right

 9. Like this sheer plaid short dress, like the idea of it. :D I just don't know about the feathers. O.o
10. THIS MODELS LEG IS JUST ....EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Grosses me out like for reals!!
       **WON'T YOU GUYS AGREE?!**
11. This dress is too short for the model, I think it's funny that she's pulling the dress down.
12. I like the leather button down blouse.  Love the eye make up.
Left to Right

13. Loove the head wear. I want to make on of those badly, soon I will. :D
14. Whoa at the head wear. O.o Pretty cool

Liked this collection from Fashion East, I thought it was fun.
All these models I noticed are soo verry skinny...its scary and just gross. <--had to say that. :P

**What did you guys think of this collection?**

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