What I Loved/Liked From No.21 Fall 2011 R-T-W Collection

11:11 PM

My Collage

Left to Right

1. Love the v-neck sweater, I just don't like the colors. O.o  (I want to see the clutch :D )
2.Like the sweater dress, but don't like the colors.
3. Like the turtle neck sweater, and again don't like the colors. I kind of like the skirt, I like the lace part. lol
4. I just love the SHOOOES ♥♥♥ Love the colors.

Left to Right
5. Like the pants, it looks comfy. :D I sort of like the blouse, I think it's interesting. Two different fabrics together.  I loove the peachy color of the sleeves

6. LOOOVE THIS!! There's also a light yellow of this one too. I like the shininess to it, it also looks vintagey to me. :)

7. Loove the sweater, and love the color of it. :D Like the pants too!♥
8. Love the blouse.

Left to Right
9. Love the top. 
10. Looove the sweater! :D
11. I kind of like the furry top. I don't know, I find it kind of cute, LOL.  *What Do You Guys Think?*
12. Loove the coat! Love the simplicity to it :D

Left to Right

13. THIS MODEL'S FACE IS SOO CUUTE! I googled her and WOW!!! ONE OF MY NEW FAV MODELS! :D Her names Julia Saner   LOOVE THE HEELS! :D

14. LOOVE THE LACEY BLOUSE!! :D I sort of like the pants too, but not in that color, perhaps white. :)

15. I only like the sweetheart area of the dress. I think it's so cuute! I love the light pink frills and the looseness above the belt. :)

So I had nooo idea that I will like/ love some of the pieces from No.21.
I never heard of the label, and when I saw No.21, the name got my attention, and so I decided to have a look at the collection, AND WOW I REALLY LIKED WHAT I SAW! :D I found a new discovery
and I'm a new fan of No.21, and look forward to future collections! :D

*What did you guys think of this collection?*
*Has anyone heard of No.21 before?*

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