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Sheer Blouses - 1. Zara2. Zara,  3.Asos,  4.Zara,  5.Asos,  6.Asos,  7.Anthropologie

Trousers8.Zara,  9.Zara,  10.Zara,  11.Zara

Blazer- 12.Zara

Button Down Shirts- 13.Zara14.Zara

Horizontal Striped Shirt- 15.Zara 

Knee High Socks- 16.Zara

Leather Saddle Bag- 17.Asos

I decided to make a visual list of what is missing from my closet, so next time I go shopping, ILL BE FOCUSED!! LOL! :D I usually know what I want when I go shopping, but oh boy, DO I DO GET DISTRACTED!!  So next time I go shopping, I hope to find and buy a peachy sheer blouse, I want that color more than black or white, beige or camel trouser pants, either those colors or black, a denim button down shirt, I REALLLLLY LOOVE THAT LEATHER LOOKING  SHIRT FROM ZARA!! I would totally choose that OVER THE DENIM! :D I still want a grey blazer, and that Zara blazer is just soo perfect! I love it so much! I don't think a girl can have too many blazers! Right?! lol It's just needed. And I reallly need high knee socks, of grey and black.
Yeeah, So that's what I mostly NEED.

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