My 2 Chain Ring

11:33 PM

This is how my chain ring first looked like, it's really fast and easy to make. 

I made this ring all out of frustration! LOL. I was frustrated with my clay makings last week that I decided to play around with the chains. I then decided that I wanted to make a RING! :D 
So yeah, I made this and loooved it! My twin loved it too, that she told me to make one for her too!

Later in the night, I couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to add on to my ring in bed! :D
 I had fun making it and will diffidently make more! And since I made this chain ring, I haven't taken it off, which is rare because, I don't wear jewelry for a long period of time, I get annoyed with it and take it off like within a day or even half a day. lol 
Oh by the way, I want to add a cross sign or peace sign charm, or my initial letters hanging from the ring finger along with a black or brown or white feather, I think it will look cool. My twin suggested that I should have a fake animal tooth hanging from the chain, instead. I think both ideas are good. 

**What do you guys think?**

First 2 photos, taken by my twin
and the rest, by me on self timer with twins digi camera. :D

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